We are every memecoin’s friend, not a foe. No bullshit. Just simple memeology: making future millionaires. All the memecoins and troll faces are with us; what about you? thinking of slapping that buy!

Meme + ETF = VALHALLAVALHALLA (It pays rewards too.)

We are a project where memecoins and ETFs combine. Using our voting DAO structure, we manage positions, close, open, and increase or decrease memecoin’s portfolio, resulting in an ever-increasing size of our portfolio, and asset management under our ETF results in a safe, secure, and profitable portfolio for our $MemeETF holders. To access the portfolio, you must burn equal parts of $MemeETF for an equal share of the portfolio. 4% of the buy-and-sell tax goes to the ETF wallet.

Community Driven

$MemeETF is a 100% decentralized peer-to-peer digital currency owned by its amusing, ambitious community. We aim to build the best cryptocurrency community the world has yet to see while rewarding our holders on this journey. Be a part and get ready to rewrite the rules, redefine your limits, and become a legend.

The world's first memecoin with a staking pool and passive rewards

Pledge your allegiance to the daddy of memes and enjoy passive rewards through our staking pools. The rewards will be up to 0.25% per day in $MemeETF. This will encourage long-term holding by the investors and additionally reward their favorite coin. We have no deposit or withdrawal fee, and there is no early withdrawal fee. We have allocated 20% of our supply for staking and affiliate rewards.

The world's first Memecoin with an Affiliate Program

$MemeETF can help you earn a passing income stream for years to come. We have allocated 20% of our supply for staking and affiliate rewards. Holders who refer friends to stake $MemeETF via their affiliate link qualify for 5% of the quantity in which their referrer has staked.


1% of every transaction (buy/sell) is sent to our marketing/development address, resulting in having enough funds with the team so that they can market the project and develop path-breaking features to be integrated into our $MemeETF ecosystem. We have learned from some of the past projects that sometimes development funds are necessary to move forward, or else without funds, you remain stagnant.

Rug-proof, anti-snipe, anti-bot

We have locked liquidity for one year—and we will refill again once the time comes—thus, no chance of a rug! Also, we have implemented anti-snipe and anti-bot measures too.

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