Being the Daddy of Memes, here is a rough sketch of the $MemeETF path ahead. We don't want to give everything away on day 1. Expect surprises along the way.

Phase 1

Presale and Launch

Marketing & Promotion

1000+ Holders

Kill One Zero

CMC & CG Listings

DAO & Staking Dapp

Ref. staking program

Phase 2

5000+ Holders

Top-Tier CEX Listings

Kill 2nd & 3rd Zero

Certik Audit

Viral Content Awareness

ETH & other chains Bridge

MemeETF Swap

Phase 3

50,000+ Holders

NFT launch & Staking

Tier 1 Cex Listings

Meme Merchandise

  • MemeETF Tools

  • MemeETF merch

  • MemeETF Takeover

  • 50,000+ Holders

Flip DOGECOIN &More to come…

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